Green Flash

Fast power cruising boat. Unique catamaran design runs quite efficiently and produces a very low (4″) wake at 30 knots.
Cold molded in Western red Cedar, Brunzel plywood, glass and West System Epoxy.

NewCastle Island Sail In 2015

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NewCastle 2015. Wendy and Ken kept up the tradition of providing us with a delicious pizza dinner Friday night as well as giving most people transportation to and from their boats to the Pepperdine dock on Protection Island. For the BBQ on Saturday, we were a bit classier this year as Sharon Simpson insisted we have tablecloths. For the first time too, there was a bocce ball tournament after dinner. As usual, the evening ended with fireworks (provided by the City of Nanaimo) for a grand completion of a fun club weekend.

Permanent magnet motors

From our offshore days I have some low rpm permanent motors for wind and/or trolling generators. They range in price from $200 to $50.
The one in the center of the photo provided all of our charging needs for most of a circumnavigation producing 10 amps in trade winds as a wind generator and 8 to 10 amps with 8 knots of boat speed as a trolling generator.
We also have a 28′ diameter parachute sea anchor for which we will be asking $800.

NewCastle Island Sail-In 2014


Thanks again to Wendy and Ken Pepperdine for making the BCMS 2014 Newcastle Sail-in such a success.   They invited everyone to pizza diner at their house on Protection Island Friday night and brought briquettes for the club BBQ on Saturday at Newcastle Island.

The Nanaimo Yacht club has a strict policy of keeping Multihulls off their docks  (Something about being “too wide”), so Ken lent a small outboard motor to  Bob Davis (Bad Kitty)  so that he and Cam McCannel (Dream Chaser)  could use a dinghy get to the Skipper’s briefing and Awards ceremony at the Nanaimo Yacht Club.    Dream Chaser won on corrected time and Bad Kitty won line honours.


IMG_5654 IMG_1591

John and Marg Green found time  to trailer their new skiff up to Nanaimo, launch and come over to Mark Bay for a quick visit on Saturday before returning to Victoria and John’s never ending duties as Commodore of the Royal Victoria Yacht club. Although not a multihull, it is impressive and very nicely finished.  John has been building it in his basement over the last couple of years and was proud to show off his handy work.

The city of Nanaimo provided fireworks to top off Saturday evening for us.



We had fantastic  weather and a nice turnout.  Just to complete a great weekend, favourable winds made the ‘getting there’ easy.



Cloud Nine

38′ Cruising Trimaran, white w. blue trim.
Traditional curved sheer-line, high bows.
Epoxy/glass over 1/2″ plywood.
Modified cutter rig, tall sail-plan.
Centre-board, kick-up rudder.
Centre-cockpit, aft cabin.
Wheel steering w. autopilot.
New Universal M35B diesel being installed.
New nav./comm. instruments planned.
Hard Dodger planned.
Most beeootiful boat in the fleet! 🙂