July 2009


Summertime and quite a few club members spent the July 18th & 19th summer weekend at the BC Multihull Society sail in on Newcastle Island.  This BC Park proved to be a great place for relaxing on the boats as well as providing BBQ facilities for a pot luck dinner Saturday night on shore.  We had a couple of Multihull designers attend so there was lots of information shared.




Port Browning Multihull Sail In

BCMS Member Patrick Spearing flys into Port Browning to pay his dues just in time before the Annual General Meeting. The talk of the beach which is usually revserved for the multihulls was overshadowed by their dramatic entrance and exit. Patrick stated that his 1970s amphibious plane has never touched salt water before.

We have the coolest members!!

Check out the video!

Thirteen members and four non members attended the  BC Multihull Society’s Annual Meeting Saturday night May 16 at Port Browning Marina.  Treasurer Marlene Mackenzie presented the 2008 Financial Statements  and they were approved by the membership.The motion to change membership dues for 2010 to $35.00 per family was also approved. No one volunteered to join the Board so the 2008 Directors were re-elected. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.