Tnt34 (The New Trimaran 34)

This boat has sailed Baltic and Med. Sea .It was nominated as Yacht of the Year in Europe in 2012/13.

Since 2014 it is a Pacific boat as it came in the container.
It is fast as cruiser so we race as well.
Pdfs below show new folding system as sliding and pivoting system has unique advantages. Enjoy and see you out there, Jerzy

This link shows many details of Tnt34 including 30 plus publications

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Cheekee Monkee

Hull #2 of the new F-45 series, this one is highly modified and customized for racing. All Carbon, hydraulic control, curved rake controlled foils, t-foils on the rudders, electric drives, mast by Southern Spars and sails by Dave Calvert.


All carbon UK sails,jib, main, schreecher, moderate spinnaker. rotating aluminum spar, interior finished in birch/yellow cedar by current owner Peter Walford completed 2014; comfortable but light cruising interior LED lighting, propane fireplace, 3-burner stove and refrigerator, steerable Yamaha 4-stroke 9.9hp, autopilot, GPS, VHF radio,sound system, composting head,fresh and salt water to dual sinks, aft cabin double and forward bee-berth.Covers a lot of ground in simple luxury, in a hurry, and with no fuss.

Green Flash

Fast power cruising boat. Unique catamaran design runs quite efficiently and produces a very low (4″) wake at 30 knots.
Cold molded in Western red Cedar, Brunzel plywood, glass and West System Epoxy.

Permanent magnet motors

From our offshore days I have some low rpm permanent motors for wind and/or trolling generators. They range in price from $200 to $50.
The one in the center of the photo provided all of our charging needs for most of a circumnavigation producing 10 amps in trade winds as a wind generator and 8 to 10 amps with 8 knots of boat speed as a trolling generator.
We also have a 28′ diameter parachute sea anchor for which we will be asking $800.

Cloud Nine

38′ Cruising Trimaran, white w. blue trim.
Traditional curved sheer-line, high bows.
Epoxy/glass over 1/2″ plywood.
Modified cutter rig, tall sail-plan.
Centre-board, kick-up rudder.
Centre-cockpit, aft cabin.
Wheel steering w. autopilot.
New Universal M35B diesel being installed.
New nav./comm. instruments planned.
Hard Dodger planned.
Most beeootiful boat in the fleet! 🙂