Port Browning Sail In May 22 & 23


The weather forecast was for a pleasant Victoria Day Long weekend.  Saturday morning was bright and sunny, however, the clouds gathered throughout the day with the rain starting just as we assembled on the beach for our group beach BBQ at 6:00 P.M.  Chips got soggy and sauce washed off steaks in the downpour but quite a few very hardy Multihullers stuck it out to eat truly al fresco.  Numbers were down considerably by the time we held the BC Multihull Society Annual Meeting at 8:00 PM but there was a quorum so the business of the club could be completed.  This was approval of the 2009 Finanical Statements and election of 2010 Directors.


Rain began again on Sunday afternoon at 12:30 P.M. just as our fun race started. (The Gods were not kind to us this weekend). The good news was there was also wind plus the rain stopped shortly after the race got underway.  Most boats finished in less than two hours.  First in the Cruising Division was Dutch Treat (skipper Peter Schoonbeek), Second Manitou (skipper Peter McKercher) and third Paudeen whose Skipper Darren Mathison kept claiming his trimaran had a mental handicap not a sailing handicap. (or was he refering to himself?) Flying Kiwi (skipper Stu Kerr) was first in the racing division, second Sauterelle (skipper John Green) and third Sprint (skipper Richard Woods).

This was the first race for Bad Kitty after her new owners Ron Tomas and Bob Davis had spent the winter modifying her hull shape and reinforcing some of her weaker areas. She also got a new paint job and looked very glamorous in comparison to her previous incarnations.  Bob skippered  her in the race and was very pleased on how well she cut rhough the short chop.  Being stiffer meant she could slice through the waves instead of being tossed about by them.  The hope is that this will produce more speed.


The Awards were given out Sunday night at the club’s get together at the Port Browning restaurant. As always, everyone really enjoyed the cammaderie and the fresh air and a great start to the new sailing season.


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