BCMS Member Mail List posting !!!!! Richard and Jetti Woods rescued in storm off Mexico !!!!

Richard Britton rbritton at telus.net
Sat Feb 27 00:52:14 PST 2016

BCMS members, 


I just found a posting on Cruisers Forum by Richard Woods of the abandoning
of their cat off the coast of Mexico in 20 ft waves.  I tried to cut and
paste but it would not work.  They were rescued by a US Navy helicopter and
heroic crew and welcomed on board their ship.  The storm was unexpected and
the Mexican rescue craft turned back rather than face the storm.  The
parachute that they employed appears to have simply disintegrated under the
strain and some warps and attachments were torn apart. Richard and Jetti are
safe but there is no word on their cat.  Other members with better computer
skills than mine might find the info and post it. 


Richard B.   

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