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roy mills rsirfj at shaw.ca
Wed May 13 14:41:11 PDT 2015

Hi all, here is a copy of a reply I got from Rolf Broch, who some of you 
may remember as having taken his Banks 35 "Purple Haze" back to Norway 
with him some years ago. I now have his permission to forward it to our 
Wayne, et al, via the BCMS Website. Note his email address.

From: Rolf Broch <seil at 25knop.no>
Subject: Reynolds 33
To: rsirfj at shaw.ca

Hi Roy, good to hear from you. It has been a long time.

I am in contact with Bruce, the MacKenzies and Wayne through Facebook. I 
also ran into Wayne and Janine in England during the last Little 
Americas Cup.

I am quite happy with the boat although it has been on the dry for three 
years. I have a daughter who has progressed from the Optimist Dingy to 
the Laser Radial and that has essentially removed all the time available 
for my own boat. Sailing on other peoples boats instead. Had a delivery 
of a Class 40 down to St. Malo for the singlehanded race which was quite 
fun. 10 minutes of upwind sailing, the rest was off the wind. Averaged 
over 10 knots over 6 days which is fast in a monohull.

The Reynolds is a nice boat but you have to be alert when sailing her. 
In hull flying conditions, sheets are handheld and winch handles 
removed. I rented the boat out to an Orma 60 crew and told them that 
Orma 60 is gentler beast than the Reynolds and that the 10-15 seconds of 
reaction time they had on the Orma was none on the Reynolds. Yeaaaah, 
big deal…. They turtled outside of the Koster Islands on the west coast 
of Sweden.

I have sailed the boat in 22 m/s. Had maybe twelve feet of mainsail 
still up but with a horrible shape. The roller reefing system on the 
boat does not work when reefed that much. Went upwind doing 16 knots, 
had to sail 100 meters past the top mark waiting for a lull in order to 
bear off :)

Solid trampoline is nice but I have some issues sailing in heavy seas 
(3-4 meter waves) where the weather hull stays airborne from the wind 
coming from underneath when the weather hull leaves a wave crest. Need 
to replace with netting if sailing offshore.

Broke the mast (aluminum) during normal sailing. The halyard exits had 
not been re-inforced and the mast collapsed at the exit. Have a new mast 
from Marstrom which is around 150 lbs lighter. I also have a new 
Marstrom boom, carbon as well.

The boat perfoms the best in 5 to 10 knots of wind, 14 knots boat speed 
reaching in 8 knots of wind. Above 10-12 knots I have to reef. 20 knots+ 
Hold on :)

The beams on the boat are over engineered and I have plans to replace 
those with carbon beams (need some cash first). Can probable save 250 
lbs there as well. Plan to get the boat weight down to 2200 lbs.

Have not regretted selling the Banks. It came to a point where I did 
more repairing than sailing and I found a new owner who wanted the 
work…. He split the hulls in two length wise and made each hull 60 cm 
wider and raised the deck, built a solid bridge deck with a center 
cabin. The hull profile is still unmistakeable Banks 35 and overall the 
work done is quite good. I may have a picture somewhere.

Any plans to visit in the near future? Do you still have G & S?

Say hi to the gang


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